Sunday, February 1, 2015

Meet Sunday Sophisticant....Jacqueline

My name is Jacqueline McKinney Spates. I love energetic fun (I'm a big kid at heart), eating out, cooking (when in the mood) and spending time with family (ready for spades at anytime). If I was granted one wish, it would be to relax and watch the Hallmark movie channel all day. I am co-owner with sister, Chervy Lesure, of Crown & Glory Hair Salon; our motto is "Live like you're wearing an invisible crown". We have been in business together for 9 years; but I've been in the hair business for 11 years. Chervy is our in-house expert; she's been doing hair since 1988. A lot of people think we only do locks, but we are a full service salon. The only thing we do not service is glue styles. Other than that we got you covered. When I'm not working, I'm with my husband, Randy and our four children, Jessica(16), Lauren (14), Joshua(11) and Lawrence(7).

How long have you been natural?
When I made the decision to go natural, I was pregnant and miserable trying to tend to two little girls and my own head of tightly coiled hair. Before my big chop, I did a few months of extensions and various styles of braids. I loved my hair after the big chop! All of a sudden I could see that African Queen. I wanted to go out and buy some make up, a choker, and a new pair of earrings! Something about embracing my natural hair was so freeing. I even had a new way of walking. I laugh as I think back on those days.

Jackie's Regimen & Hair Tips
Since I started this journey before natural hair was as popular as it is today, my hair stylist kept my hair care simple. She just went back to what we did back in the day. After a good shampoo and condition, moisturizer and oil was applied. I mainly wore my hair in comb coils during those early days, because it was too short for anything else. A few months of the natural experience proved to me that I didn't like dealing with my own hair, so I got sisterlocks and never looked back!

Jackie & Chervy's Salon, Crown & Glory is located at 360 Blackjack Road, Tupelo, MS. The contact number is 662-841-5944. Stop by and let Jackie & Chervy take care of your natural hair needs!



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